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Creativity and Innovation - it ain't easy!

May 27, 2013

We sat down with Ketan Pandya of Austin Texas and asked him his take on the topic of Creativity and Innovation.  In today's ennvironment, it is easy to consider one leading to another and often time many companies try to create groups to attack the problem.  Here is what Ketan Pandya had to say on the topic. 

"Creativity is messy and chaotic.   And there will be lots of failures... So how do you solve that ?   LEADERSHIP!  That's what leaders are for.  Drop the gimmicks (open spaces, ping pong tables, snacks, etc) and allow people to make their own decisions, use their experience and the intelligence that is on the team!" said Ketan Pandya

"I've seen many instances in which companies allow executives to interject or interfere with the experience and talents of the people brought in to lead new product or service ideas", added Ketan Pandya.    "Not allowing the team to radically address an opportunity will not allow a full realization of creativity and innovation - look at Apple!, it was all about Steve and Jonny, but at the end of the day, the teams took the inspiration and made it innovation", concluded Ketan Pandya

Ketan Pandya resides in Austin Texas with his family and businesses.